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The 5-Step Journey to Certified Wheat Seed

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Jan 24, '18

The concept of Certified seed is one that is understood by most farmers in Western Canada. But when asked to describe the 5-step journey to Certified wheat seed, can you name all of the steps?

In this video with CANTERRA SEEDS Shareholder Pitura Seeds, Calvin Pitura explains the 5-step journey.

Breeder – This is the first class of pedigreed seed, and as the name implies, is the small volume of seed that comes from the variety’s breeder. It is typical for a seed grower to plant just one, 2.5 acre plot of Breeder seed.

Select – This is also done in 2.5 acre plots, and what is produced from Breeder seed. Seed growers need a special certification to product Select seed and above.

Foundation – Is the result of Select seed production and is produced on a field scale.

Registered – This is the largest scale of production for seed growers, and planting Registered seed is final step before the resulting production is sold to customers.

Certified – This is the class of seed that is sold to farmers. Certified seed is the starting point of a successful crop.

The production of Pedigreed seed is a multi-year process and involves a lot of regulation. As Tom Greaves says in the video, the end result is a high-quality product.

“The very high standard is what everyone is looking for in Certified seed.”

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