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Is it worth it to break the rules of PBR?

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Apr 18, '18



Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) have been in place in Canada for over 25 years – but ongoing education of the rules continues to be important. CANTERRA SEEDS and others in the industry, are committed to building awareness of PBR, and to enforcing the intellectual property rights of our breeding partners.

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What Does India's Pea Tariff Mean for the 2018 Crop

Posted by Shaan Tsai on Mar 8, '18

The recent Indian pea tariff is a source of deep consternation for some, and yet it is not surprising for others. Folks with the latter view point to the recent softening of demand for peas from India. For example, in 2015, 67.4% of India’s pea imports were of Canadian origin. In 2016, this number had dropped to 52.4%. Many point to recent favourable growing conditions in India that created larger domestic supply as the main cause for the tariff that has left many world sellers, especially those in Canada, shell-shocked.

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Getting The Facts on PBR

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Mar 16, '15

As of February 27, 2015, all new varieties granted Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) will be protected under Canada’s new Plant Breeders’ Rights legislation. As the industry adapts to the new regulations, there will be questions about what it really means, operationally, for various participants in the value chain. 

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A Big Day For Canadian Agriculture

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Feb 27, '15

David Hansen, President and CEO of CANTERRA SEEDS, today had the opportunity to congratulate the Government of Canada for its work in modernizing the Canadian regulatory environment as the Agriculture Growth Act (Bill C-18) was passed into law yesterday.  Impacting nine existing Acts, this omnibus bill will work to bring Canada into conformity with the global international plant breeders' rights standards contained in UPOV-91, of particular interest to the seed industry.

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[Infographic] Providing Clarity on Variety Registration

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Dec 22, '14

Confused about the proposed changes to Canada's variety regsitration system? You're not alone. 

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How does Bill C-18 impact farmers?

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Dec 10, '13

On Monday, December 9th, CANTERRA SEEDS was privileged to host Federal Agriculture Minister, Mr. Gerry Ritz, as he announced plans for the Agriculture Growth Act, Bill C-18. The Act includes many updates to regulations that will streamline the industry, including reforms to Plant Breeders Rights. This will finally bring UPOV ’91 into place in Canada.

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Praise for Federal Ag Announcement

Posted by Sheena Pitura on Nov 9, '13

David Hansen, President and CEO of CANTERRA SEEDS, today praised the Government of Canada for introducing legislation to bring the country in line with international plant breeders' rights standards.

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