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Soybean Cyst Nematode - An Overview

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Nov 1, '18

Is soybean cyst nematode coming to a field near you? Learn about this parasitic roundworm and what you can do to prevent the spread on your farm.

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[Infographic] CS Camden vs. AC Morgan

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Jan 24, '17

Growing oats this year? Here's what you need to know about these popular varieties.

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[Infographic] Providing Clarity on Variety Registration

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Dec 22, '14

Confused about the proposed changes to Canada's variety regsitration system? You're not alone. 

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[Infographic] Winter wheat showdown: CDC Falcon vs AC Emerson

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Jul 4, '14

In this infographic we break down how CANTERRA SEEDS' AC™ Emerson winter wheat stacks up against CDC Falcon on a variety fungal diseases. See the results for yourself below.

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[Infographic] What is Pedigreed Seed?

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on May 29, '14

Pedigreed seed has varietal purity. This means all the benefits developed by the plant breeder are retained as the seed is multipled - from the small abount of Breeder seed, to the large volume of Certified seed. Certified seed is the starting point of a successful crop.

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