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Don't Let Fusarium Upset Your Season

Sulfur Important for Corn Production

Tank Mixing Herbicides: Investment or Expense?

Crush it - with clearfield canola!

Phytophthora Root Rot in Soybeans

Goss' Wilt in Manitoba: Everything You Need to Know

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Bunnyhug vs. Hoodie

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The Benefits of TruFlex Canola and How CS2600 CR-T Fits Your Canola Seed Needs

Limagrain Cereals Research Canada to Register First Wheat Varieties

Are You Growing the Wrong Canola Variety?

Corn Seed Guide: Adding Corn to Your Rotation

Clubroot Prevention - Keeping the Nasty Out

Strategies to Control Kochia

Brewing Connections with AAC Connect

Tackle Drought Head-on with AAC Congress

4P Agreement the Perfect Pact for Industry

NEWS: CS2600 CR-T Available For Spring 2019

Another Win for Bushels for Broken Arrow and CANTERRA SEEDS

Midge Tolerant Wheat Stewardship Reminder

Q&A on Value Creation

An Open Letter on Value Creation

Clubroot resistant canola: Identifying Pathotypes

CMBTC Releases 2019-20 Recommended Malting Barley List

Winner of First Annual Brian Knull Scholarship

Clearfield Contracts for CANTERRA SEEDS Canola

CANTERRA SEEDS Ensures Growers of Quality and Consistency of Canola Seed Supply

Soybean Cyst Nematode - An Overview

Low Levels of Blackleg Can Rob 20% of Your Canola Yield

Early Maturing Corn and Soybeans - exclusive from PRIDE Seeds

All About Seed #3 - Plant Breeders Rights

CS2000 Compared to L241C

All About Seed #2 - The Importance of Harvest Samples

The Impact of Boron on Corn

All About Seed #1 - Midge Tolerance In Canada

All About Seed Series

Wheat Standability in the Snow

Brian Knull Memorial Scholarship

2018 Local Trial Results

How to Estimate Your Soybean Yields

Combine Tips for Harder to Thresh Wheat

Addressing Durum Growers’ #1 Concern, Moisture

AAC Crossfield Launch party celebrates the ground breaking 4-P agreement with new Canada Prairie Spring Red (CPSR) wheat variety.

5 Tips to Prepare for Harvest

Swathing Canola: Understanding the 60% Seed Colour Change Rule

Everything Cereal Growers Need to Know About Plant Growth Regulators

CANTERRA SEEDS joins the craft beer movement

Announcing our new TruFlex Hybrid

How to make your own canary seed "milk"

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Finding Your Optimal Canola Seeding Rate

Tips for Healthy Living During Seeding

How to Make Sure Your Soybeans Get A Good Start

Why waiting to plant corn may be your best strategy

Is it worth it to break the rules of PBR?

10 Little Known Facts About Midge Tolerance

Canary Seed – Not Just "For the Birds" Anymore

Field to Froth: Red Shed Malting shares what you need to know about malt barley

What Does India's Pea Tariff Mean for the 2018 Crop

Check out the Updated data - Research continues to Support strong FHB Resistance of AAC Cameron VB

Why Fortenza/Stamina?

The 5 Things You Need To Know About Changing Wheat Classes

5 Things That Can Ruin Your Plan to Use Saved Wheat Seed This Year

The 5-Step Journey to Certified Wheat Seed

3 Examples of Certified Wheat Seed Boosting Your ROI

Certified seed available for first yellow-seeded canaryseed variety

Top 6 Tips to Survive a Trade show

The Importance of the Canola Performance Trials (CPT)

CS2300 IN THE 2017 Canola Performance Trial (CPT) 

Upgrade your yield with CS2300!

Feed Face-off: Corn vs. Barley

AAC Connect Recommended for Malt

Blackleg Labelling: An Intro to the New System

AAC Cameron VB Added to Warburtons IP Program

CANTERRA SEEDS Partners on Bushels for Broken Arrow Project

The Hidden Costs of Clubroot

Bunge Oilseed Contracts Now Available For CANTERRA SEEDS Canola

7 Tips for Broadcasting Canola

PRIDE Seeds Tops Competitors in Grazing Trial

[Infographic] CS Camden vs. AC Morgan

New Research Sheds Light on FHB Resistance Levels of AAC Cameron VB

Midge Tolerant Wheat Investment Pays Off

What can you do to prevent Goss Wilt?

You have a part to play in keeping Canada's export markets open

David Hansen Named Chair of Cereals Canada

Canary seed, Not Just For The Birds, Anymore

My Top Five Reasons to Work At CANTERRA SEEDS

CANTERRA SEEDS & Limagrain ANNOUNCE The Launch of Limagrain Cereals Research Canada

Getting The Facts on PBR

A Big Day For Canadian Agriculture

CS2000 Brings New Clubroot Resistance to Farmers

[Infographic] Providing Clarity on Variety Registration

Straight Cutting Canola in the Peace

The Difference Between Hybrid and Open Pollinated Canola

new Winter Wheat Rated R to FHB

[Infographic] Winter wheat showdown: CDC Falcon vs AC Emerson

How to Choose a Varietal Blend

[Infographic] What is Pedigreed Seed?

How does Bill C-18 impact farmers?

Praise for Federal Ag Announcement