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The Benefits of TruFlex Canola and How CS2600 CR-T Fits Your Canola Seed Needs

Posted by Joanna Forsberg on Mar 7, '19

By now, you should have heard about the exciting new canola system launching in Canada this year. TruFlex™ canola with Roundup Ready® Technology maximizes yield potential by using elite germplasm combined with a second-generation glyphosate-tolerant trait that provides a wider spray window and broader flexibility over glyphosate application rates. This leads to superior weed control and ultimately better yields.  

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Limagrain Cereals Research Canada to Register First Wheat Varieties

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Mar 5, '19

Support for Registration Marks Key Milestone for Canadian Wheat Breeding

March 5, 2019 – Winnipeg, MB – CANTERRA SEEDS and Limagrain announced today that Limagrain Cereals Research Canada (LCRC) has received support from the Prairie Grain Development Committee to register its first two new wheat varieties. The support for registration of these two new varieties is a milestone for LCRC and marks an important day for Canadian wheat breeding.

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Are You Growing the Wrong Canola Variety?

Posted by Shaan Tsai on Feb 28, '19

There are several things to consider when deciding on the right canola variety for your farm. Some place higher priority on shatter tolerance whereas others look more closely at disease resistance, or herbicide tolerance, or contract premium options. The decisive factor for most is what trait, or combination thereof, will allow them to reach their yield aspirations and ultimately give them the best return on investment. Here are some things to consider when looking at each of these variety characteristics:

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Corn Seed Guide: Adding Corn to Your Rotation

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Feb 26, '19

Are you thinking of starting to grow corn, or adding corn to your rotation in the future? Below are tips to help you figure out how to make it work.

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Clubroot Prevention - Keeping the Nasty Out

Posted by Shaan Tsai on Feb 15, '19

When canola growers see the clubroot situation in central Alberta, a reasonable question that many likely ask themselves is how do I avoid that?

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Strategies to Control Kochia

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Feb 8, '19

One weed spent its time travelling across the Prairies last year. Kochia is showing up in more fields year after year, and quickly developing resistance to multiple groups of herbicides. The relatively dry spring and hot, dry summer we had in many parts of Western Canada in 2018 was extremely favourable to this troublesome tumbleweed. Here’s a quick guide on how to identify and control kochia before it sets seed in your fields.

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Brewing Connections with AAC Connect

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Feb 4, '19

This year, CANTERRA SEEDS will be brewing more connections in the craft beer industry.

Back in 2018, our love of malting barley and tasty beers drove us to partner with Red Shed Malting and a few other contacts in the beer industry to create our first craft beer, Connect the Plots (see our blog post). After being enjoyed throughout the summer at fields tours and farm shows, we decided to continue our quest of seeing other AAC Connect-based beers come to fruition.

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Tackle Drought Head-on with AAC Congress

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Jan 18, '19

Dry. That was the word to describe much of the Prairies in 2018. With lower than normal rainfall for the second year in a row, drought was top-of-mind for a lot of growers. While it wasn’t unexpected, this was confirmed by a recent poll – 69% of participants told us that drought was their number one challenge last year, beating out grain quality, too much moisture and disease/insect pressure.

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4P Agreement the Perfect Pact for Industry

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Jan 9, '19

The following article was provided by the Alberta Wheat Commission.

At one time, collaboration among the public sector, private enterprise and farmers towards a common goal seemed like a fairytale. With the launching of the 4P Canada Prairie Spring (CPS) agreement in 2015, however, the fantasy became reality in historic fashion.

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NEWS: CS2600 CR-T Available For Spring 2019

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Jan 8, '19

WINNIPEG, MB – CANTERRA SEEDS is excited to announce CS2600 CR-T will be available to Western Canadian farmers for 2019 spring planting.

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