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Brian Knull

Posted by David Hansen on Feb 16, '17

It is with deep sorrow that I must inform you that Brian Knull, our senior Territory Manager for Northern Alberta, has passed away.  This is a tragedy for everyone – his family, his friends and us, his colleagues.  We are even more devastated as Brian appeared to be well on the road to a speedy recovery after some recent surgery.

I know everyone will be shocked at this news. I also know everyone is going to have wonderful memories of Brian. He was a giant in our company – we regard ourselves as a family, and Brian brought experience, calm, intelligence and deep understanding of our business, and your businesses, to the table. He also had a wickedly dry sense of humour, and took pleasure in quietly mentoring those around him. To say we are all going to miss this man is an understatement.

As we all attempt to pick ourselves up and keep moving today, I encourage you to remember the many wonderful qualities Brian possessed. We will never forget him, nor what he taught us.

The family will be posting arrangements as is the norm. We will share these arrangements if that is something they want us to do on their behalf. 

In the meantime, if you have any business that needs to happen, please continue to direct those questions and calls to Page Newton, his fellow TM and friend, who has been covering his territory while he was in hospital and recuperating. As we move forward to try to find a more permanent solution, we will keep you informed.


Page Newton


[email protected]


Please pray for Brian and his family. 


With sadness,

David Hansen