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What can you do to prevent Goss Wilt?

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Oct 5, '16

Goss's Wilt is showing up in Manitoba and Alberta. What can you do to stop the disease on your farm?

Goss’s Wilt is a bacterial disease in corn, caused by the bacterium, Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. Nebraskensis (CMN). It was first found in Nebraska in 1969, and has since spread across the corn-growing regions of the US. In the last decade, the disease has arrived in Canada.

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You have a part to play in keeping Canada's export markets open

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Aug 30, '16

The message from Cereals Canada and the Canola Council is clear - YOU have a part to play in keeping Canada's export markets open. 

Here are some guidelines you can closely follow so we can deliver on our commitments as an industry. To learn more, visit

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David Hansen Named Chair of Cereals Canada

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Apr 19, '16

David Hansen is helping ensure a bright future for the Canadian cereals sector.

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Canary seed, Not Just For The Birds, Anymore

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Feb 4, '16

Traditionally, canary seed in Canada has been used exclusively as birdseed. This changed in January, when Health Canada and the USDA approved the cereal crop for human consumption.

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CANTERRA SEEDS & Limagrain ANNOUNCE The Launch of Limagrain Cereals Research Canada

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Jul 30, '15

Limagrain Cereals Research Canada will harvest the best research, the most innovative technologies and the best germplasm from partnerships, new and existing, including Limagrain’s global resources, and deliver those benefits to the Western Canadian farmer.

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Getting The Facts on PBR

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Mar 16, '15

As of February 27, 2015, all new varieties granted Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) will be protected under Canada’s new Plant Breeders’ Rights legislation. As the industry adapts to the new regulations, there will be questions about what it really means, operationally, for various participants in the value chain. 

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A Big Day For Canadian Agriculture

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Feb 27, '15

David Hansen, President and CEO of CANTERRA SEEDS, today had the opportunity to congratulate the Government of Canada for its work in modernizing the Canadian regulatory environment as the Agriculture Growth Act (Bill C-18) was passed into law yesterday.  Impacting nine existing Acts, this omnibus bill will work to bring Canada into conformity with the global international plant breeders' rights standards contained in UPOV-91, of particular interest to the seed industry.

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CS2000 Brings New Clubroot Resistance to Farmers

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Jan 21, '15

Earlier today, CANTERRA SEEDS officially launched CS2000, a new clubroot resistant hybrid. While there are a number of clubroot resistant hybrids currently on the market, CS2000 offers something completely new for growers.

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[Infographic] Providing Clarity on Variety Registration

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Dec 22, '14

Confused about the proposed changes to Canada's variety regsitration system? You're not alone. 

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The Difference Between Hybrid and Open Pollinated Canola

Posted by CANTERRA SEEDS on Aug 22, '14

There is an unbelievable amount of research, technology, and fascinating science that goes into the process of developing and producing canola varieties. After spending an hour talking hybrid production with our resident expert Duane, I could likely do an entire blog mini-series, (that after about 3 episodes would surely be cancelled) but here are some of the most important things to know about the differences between Open Pollinated and Hybrid Varieties.

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